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4G rules at CTIA

CTIA 2010 offers us 4G news, Android firsts, and messaging phones galore. Check out CNET's complete coverage.

See ya, CTIA.
Kent German/CNET

As we pack our bags to leave Las Vegas, It's time to reflect on the CTIA that was. After a sleeper of a show last year, 2010 was quite eventful. The show floor was busier, the announcements were bigger, and there was more of a buzz permeating the Las Vegas Convention Center. It can be hard to keep track of it all, so here's a summary of what we saw.

Sprint and HTC grabbed most of the spotlight when they announced their new HTC Evo 4G. The Evo is more than just hype; it's slick and powerful and Sprint has a growing WiMax network (it might switch to LTE, however). Indeed, we liked it so much that we named it the top phone at CTIA. Yet, Sprint was not alone in pushing 4G; MetroPCS and Samsung announced the LTE-equipped SCH-r900 for Las Vegas and other markets later this year. Read Maggie Reardon's recent take on 4G for a great perspective on how the technology could develop. T-Mobile tried to counter the 4G news by promoting its 3G network and AT&T execs advocated for more spectrum.

Just like at CES and Mobile World Congress, Android went big at CTIA this year. We saw the first Android phone from Nextel, Kyocera's first Android handset, a Dell Android device, and the promising Samsung Galaxy S. Oh, and did we mention that the Evo 4G runs Android 2.1? Nice.

Other phones
LG announced an eco-friendly phone for Sprint, the LG Remarq, and a basic handset for Verizon Wireless, the LG Cosmos. Nicole Lee visited LG to handle both phones and she took a closer look at the LG Arena, the LG Wine II, and both the LG BL40 and BL20. AT&T promoted its new messaging phones and cloud services at the show. It had the Pantech Link and Pursuit and the Samsung Strive and Sunburst. If you're looking for a user-friendly phone for the senior set, try the Just5, and if you like the unusual, see the Kempler & Strauss W Phonewatch.

Accessories and service
Last, but not least, there was quite a bit of accessory and service news. Nicole delved into Bluetoothland with the BlueAnt T1, the Samsung Modus HM1000, and the other Samsung models. AT&T launched a new music service, HTC announced a new online store for its phones and accessories, and Verizon Wireless said it would start its own app store. And from, Jessica Dolcourt covered Opera's browser submission for the iTunes App Store, the new Yahoo iPhone app, Firefox's mobile browser, Verizon and Skype Mobile, and PayPal's "bump" feature for Android and BlackBerry.

That wraps it up from Sin City. See you next year CTIA, in Orlando.