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MacBook Pro notch: The controversial iPhone feature has migrated to Macs

Apple's new M1 MacBooks come with several retro features and some new ones, too.

Apple's refreshed 16-inch MacBook Pro.
Apple/Screenshot by Katie Collins/CNET

Apple's new MacBook Pro 16-inch and 14-inch laptops with upgraded Apple silicon revived plenty of beloved features from earlier Apple devices, including an HDMI port and MagSafe charging. It also brought a controversial feature from Apple's iPhones: a notch. 

The new laptop was announced at Apple's event this month. Apple says it shrunk the bezels around the display, with the camera hanging slightly lower, creating a notch in the screen. The company says it has upped the pixel counts on both displays, with the screens also supporting 120Hz refresh rates for smoother scrolling. 

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The notch on the new MacBook Pro. 

Apple/Screenshot by Eli Blumenthal/CNET

As for the camera, Apple says it now supports 1080p video chats and will be better in low light. The tech giant's new MacBook Pro also dumped the Touch Bar. Alongside the new Macs, Apple also unveiled the AirPods 3, which you can order today.

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