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ADT Pulse

Expected to arrive this month, the ADT Pulse skill for Amazon's virtual assistant will let owners of an Alexa-enabled device control their home security using spoken commands.

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Airdog Fitair

Strap the Airdog Fitair to your arm, its mask to your face, and you possibly won't have to worry about pollution as you run.

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A prototype of and Qualcomm's idea for an in-home security drone.

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Anova Nano sous vide immersion circulator

The Nano from Anova targets those looking to add sous vide to their kitchen without breaking the bank. It will also talk to phones over Bluetooth so you can control it through Anova's Android and iOS app.

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Baidu Fishhome

From the Chinese internet giant Baidu, the Fishhome isn't your average Echo clone. It also has a large screen to display additional information after you ask a question.

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Belkin WeMo Dimmer Wi-Fi Light Switch

Coming in 2017, the WeMo Dimmer is Belkin's second-gen smart light switch.

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Belkin WeMo Mini

Belkin's WeMo Mini will fit in more places than the larger WeMo switches of a few years ago.

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Black & Decker Smartech Robotic Vacuum

Black & Decker's first entry into the field, the Smartech Robotic Vacuum, is designed to keep floors clean for less cash.

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Breezi Airpulse

Based on the type of HVAC system you have, the creators of the AirPulse say it can sit in vents and analyze the sound of the air blowing past it to diagnose potential problems.

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C by GE Lamp with Alexa

The C by GE Lamp is a light source you can control via GE's smart lighting app or via Alexa.


Cambridge Sound Management Nightingale

Designed by acoustics experts, the Wi-Fi- and app-enabled Nightingale device is outfitted with a speaker to cancel out irritating ambient noises with pleasant, sleep-inducing sounds of its own.

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Carrier Cor 5C and 7C Smart Thermostats

Carrier's new smart thermostats work with both Alexa and Siri.


Catspad smart pet feeder

The Catspad offers controlled portions and running water for your (real life) cat.

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Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

Thanks to the Smart Garage Hub you'll be able to use Siri to control your garage door, check its status and include it within Apple HomeKit scenes.

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A sophisticated infant cosleeper bed, the CloudTot has a speaker for music and white noise, a microphone, plus a companion mobile app for alerts when baby wakes.

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ConnectSense Bluetooth Extender

The ConnectSense Bluetooth Extender expands the communication range of Apple Homekit products that use Bluetooth BLE.

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Coway Airmega

The Airmega Air Purifier, from Coway, works with Alexa too.

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C-Way Memoo child's smart speaker

C-Way, a new kid-tech startup, says its Memoo device will help curb the often annoying questions children ask voice assistants. The gizmo houses Amazon's Alexa, but includes parental controls plus extra kid-friendly features.

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Cujo Smart Firewall

The makers of the Cujo say it will block internet threats from reaching your home network and inform you via a mobile app if suspicious activity is detected.

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D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS 8000

This Wi-Fi camera has night vision, plus sound and motion detection, and costs only $70 (converting roughly to £55 in the UK and AU$95).

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D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD

Apple's HomeKit is expanding its repertoire at CES 2017. If you have an iPhone, you can control D-Link's Omna 180 Cam HD with your voice.

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Dish Hopper DVR

Use Amazon Alexa to control your Dish Hopper DVR box.

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Drop Recipes app

If you have a GE connected wall oven, you can preheat and control the oven through the Drop Recipes app.

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Element, Sieki and Westinghouse smart TVs

These televisions will come with the Amazon Fire TV system and Alexa voice assistant built right in.

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Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

Part of a trio of new products created by smart home company Fibaro, this door and window sensor is the first product of its kind to enjoy Apple Homekit support.

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Fibaro Flood Sensor

Fibaro's HomeKit-compatible Flood Sensor detects leaks in a flash so you can take swift action.

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First Alert OneLink Environment Monitor

First Alert's HomeKit and Alexa-compatible Environment Monitor lets you use your voice to check on temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide levels in your child's room.

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Ford Sync3

Ford announced that it will partner with Amazon's Alexa to let drivers ask Amazon's voice assistant pertinent questions while inside their cars. Queries include everything from finding destinations, asking Alexa to control smart home devices, to shopping for items through Amazon.

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GE Wi-Fi Oven

Wi-Fi-connected ovens like this one from GE will work with the Nest Protect smoke detector to shut off automatically in the event of a smoke alert.

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The GeniCan will scan bar codes of the things you throw away to figure out what to add to your shopping list.

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Happiest Baby Snoo bed

Built from high quality woods, fabrics and metals, the Snoo bed rocks children and uses white noise to soothe them. It also senses infants and adjusts its activity to match the mood and status of its occupants.

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Hello Egg

Like an Amazon Echo designed just for your kitchen, if you ask your Hello Egg for a recipe it will project videos that explain how to complete each step.

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Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

Not only can the 2017 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell travel 265 miles between fuelings, it should soon be able to work with the Google Home.

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Hydrao smart showerheads

The Hydrao showerheads have built-in LED lights that change from green to blue to purple to red based on how much water you've used. These units also share info with Alexa so you can ask the assistant your H2O stats and if you've saved cash on your water as well as energy bills

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Hubble Hugo camera

Complete with Alexa integration, the Hugo is a smart cam from tech startup Hubble that plays music, controls your smart home and keeps track of when you're angry.

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Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings

The Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings has tons of smart tech that lets you know whether your hair is healthy or not.

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Say hello to Kuri from Mayfield Robotics, a cute domestic robot designed to roam around the home and keep tabs on things when you're out.

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Lenovo Smart Assistant Speaker

Not only does the Lenovo Smart Assistant work as an Alexa clone, Lenovo says its audio quality is superior too.

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LG Hub Robot

LG Hub Robot partially relies on Amazon's voice assistant Alexa for skills like playing music and alerting users of weather conditions.

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Leviton Decora light switches

Leviton's new line of Decora Wi-Fi switches will work with Apple HomeKit and none of them will need a hub.

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Mattel Aristotle by Nabi

This smart speaker has Alexa built in, as well as a separate, kid-friendly voice assistant called Aristotle.

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Nvidia Spot

Powered by Google Assistant, the Nvidia Spot lets you command your TV, search the web and control your smart home via voice.

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Onkyo VC-FLX1 Flex smart speaker

The Onkyo VC-FLX1 not only incorporates Amazon Alexa but also includes an integrated home security camera.


PicoBrew Freestyle

PicoBrew has a new user-friendly web interface that will allow home brewers to customize recipes for PicoBrew's smart beermaking machines.

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Samsung Flexwash Plus and Flexdry Laundry System

Samsung's Flexwash Plus and Flexdry each offer two compartments for washing and drying your clothes.

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Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Samsung has bet big on the smart fridge appliance category, and now plans to grow its second generation Family Hub refrigerators to 10 different fridge models across various price points.

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Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

How's this for a high tech mattress? Apparently, the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is brainy enough to automatically raise and lower itself to reduce snoring while you sleep. In the same way, the bed will make adjustments depending on body position plus how often you toss and turn through the night.

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Samsung Powerbot VR7000

Samsung's Powerbot VR7000 is another robot vacuum to join the Amazon Alexa fold.


Samsung Wisenet SmartCam A1 Home Security System

Samsung's compact new security system includes both an indoor and an outdoor camera.

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Sensory VoiceGenie

Sensory, the developer behind always-listening tech in phones, plans to bring a feature called VoiceGenie to Bluetooth headphones. It will allow your preferred voice assistant, including Alexa, to live directly in your ear.

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Somfy One

The new Somfy One is an all-in-one security device.


Developer 4moms Moxi stroller

The Moxi stroller uses the kinetic energy of its wheels, generated by walking with your child, to charge your phone, light your path with headlights and track your distance on an LCD screen.

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Sylvania Multicolor Smart Bulb

Thanks to an internal Wi-Fi radio, which speaks the same language as your router, the Sylvania's HomeKit-compatible Multicolor Smart Bulb claims to offer a simple setup without the need for a separate hub.


Ubtech Robotics Lynx

The Lynx Robot gives Amazon's voice assistant a face, a body, arms and legs. Now you won't have to find your Echo to give Alexa a command -- Alexa can come find you.

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Whirlpool connected appliance

Whirlpool pledged to link its collection of connected products to Amazon Alexa control.

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Withings Home Plus camera

Withings' Home Plus camera works with Apple's HomeKit platform.

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Yale NexTouch Wireless Locks

Lock manufacturer Yale announced upcoming compatibility with Apple's HomeKit smart-home platform. The company's line of Yale Real Living Assure Locks and Yale NexTouch Wireless Locks are expected to work with Siri and Apple's Home app for iPhone starting in March.

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