Breezi AirPulse comes to CES with an eye on your home heating system

The Bluetooth sensor helps keep your home's heating and cooling system healthy.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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Chris Monroe/CNET

Most of us never want to have to think about your HVAC system. Fortunately the Breezi Airpulse, launched at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, is here to help further that cause. It'll supposedly allow you to spend less time worrying as the AirPulse will keep an eye out for problems on your behalf.

The AirPulse is a Bluetooth sensor that sticks into the filters near your air vents. From there, it senses the pressure on either side of the vent to gauge the life of the filter. You'll be able to check on the filter's status on your phone using Breezi's iOS or Android app.

You'll also receive a push notification when your filter nears the end of its life. The tip of the Airpulse -- the side inside the filter -- also has acoustic sensors. The HVAC pros that started Breezi programmed Airpulse to listen for specific frequencies in the way the air is blowing. Based on the type of HVAC system you have, supposedly, AirPulse can use the sound of the air blowing past it to diagnose potential problems before you'd normally notice them.

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Due out this Spring, you'll be able to buy the Breezi AirPulse for $30, or you can sign up for a subscription service for $20 a month that includes two AirPulses, and automatic replacement of your vents when they run out of life.

Weirdly, Breezi doesn't use Bluetooth 5 yet, even though Bluetooth's showing off the longer range version of the signal prominently at CES. Breezi's reps assured me that's an upgrade they'd like to implement in the near future.