Most people can relate to the frustration of a bad night's sleep -- waking up groggy, wishing you could stay in bed for another hour... or three. Sadly, busy schedules often keep us from hitting the snooze button for too long.

Massachusetts-based company Cambridge Sound Management (CSM) wants to end this cycle with Nightingale.

A $249 sleep system for folks in the US, Nightingale promises to cancel out irritating ambient noises with its apparently pleasant, sleep-inducing ambient noises.

Nightingale is a plug-in device that connects to existing power outlets in your bedroom. It has two pass-through outlets so you can still use them to power lamps and other electrical devices. Why not just buy a regular white noise machine, you ask?

CSM says its solution is more immersive, as each box includes two Nightingale units. The idea is that you'll install them on opposite walls for improved noise canceling.

Designed by acoustics experts, this Wi-Fi- and app-enabled device is also outfitted with a speaker that's supposed to project any one of CSM's 15 "ambient sound blankets." Use the Android or iOS app to adjust the volume and type of sound.

From the Hello Sense adaptive sleep alarm to Sleep Number's latest connected mattress, we've written about a variety of sleep-related smart-home products. But we haven't seen anything quite like Nightingale before. In addition to its basic features, CSM's sleep device is also outfitted with a color-changing LED nightlight and it's supposed to work with IFTTT. With a Nightingale IFTTT channel, you should be able to connect it to your Ring Video Doorbell, Philips Hue LEDs, Amazon Alexa products, Nest products and more.

Nightingale's Kickstarter campaign is now fully funded and the product is available for pre-order for $249. With 30 days to go, the team had raised just about $14,000 of its $100,000 funding goal. Nightingale units are expected to ship to backers in February 2017.