Cujo safeguards your entire home against online threats

If you can't wait until Norton's Core, and don't want to buy an expensive router, this looks to be a solid option for protecting your home from online threats.

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Dong Ngo
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Cujo at CES 2017

Dong Ngo/CNET

You can hold out for the Norton Core or get an expensive Asus router like the RT-AC5300 if you want to protect your entire home network from online threats. But what if you can't wait, or don't want to change your router? CES 2017 has given us another option: the Cujo.

This is a compact device that you can plug into your home network via a network cable. It will automatically break down your local and internet traffic, and sends statistics on that data to the cloud for further analysis. If a threat or suspicious activity is detected, Cujo will block it and inform users via a mobile app.

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Cujo LLC, the maker of Cujo, says that the device only send the actual content of the internet and local traffic to the cloud. This means it will not create privacy risk or does it slow down the broadband connection.

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Cujo's said to be able to protect all devices of the network it's part of and provide the following protection:

  • Safe Browsing (IP/DNS)
  • Command and Control blocking
  • Unauthorized access blocking
  • Antivirus and Antimalware protection
  • Behavior Analysis
  • DoS attack protection

The Cujo has two network ports though you only need to use one for it to work.

Dong Ngo/CNET

Demoed at CES 2017, the device also includes a new parental control feature that allow parents to monitor and control their children's online activities from a phone, computer or even a game console.

Cujo is available now at a flat cost of $250 (converts to roughly AU$340, £200), which includes a lifetime subscription to online protection, or you can get it for $100 (converts to AU$140, £80) and pay a monthly subscription of $9 a month.