D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera is so crazy cheap it might just be worth it

D-Link hasn't stood out in the smart home yet, but by simplifying its app and cutting prices, it might do just that.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
Chris Monroe/CNET

D-Link's making it easier to enter the smart home. The company's newest security camera, introduced this week at CES in Las Vegas, costs just $70. A D-Link rep suggested the price could be even lower by the time the camera goes on sale this spring.

As a smart-home device that's priced more like a splurge than an investment, the $70 DCS-8000 LH still has night vision, sound and motion detection, a built-in microphone and a 120-degree field of view. You'll be able to view live footage from the cam with the myDLink Home app for iOS and Android.

By the time the camera hits stores, D-Link will be rolling out new features for the app as well.

  • You'll be able to view time lapse footage of the day
  • You can switch between a Home and Away mode on your camera with one click
  • D-Link's security app will integrate with the Home app for easier functionality.
  • You can store some footage online for free, with additional priced tiers for more storage

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The online storage is important, as the $70 cam offers no SD card slot for local storage. D-Link also introduced a $120 model with two-way audio, a 180-degree field of view, and an SD card slot -- the DCS-8100LH if you want local storage.

It's been awhile since we've loved a D-Link smart-home cam, but a $70 connected model could be a steal if it's competent.