4moms shows off tech-packed Moxi stroller at CES 2017

Between charging your phone and lighting your path, 4moms' newest device will keep parents going.

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David Priest
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Ever feel like you're just being wasteful spending so much time walking with your child? Okay, maybe not -- but baby-tech developer 4moms has designed a stroller to get even more out of those trips to the park, and it's brought it to CES 2017.

The Moxi stroller uses the kinetic energy of its wheels, generated by walking with your child, to charge your phone, light your path with headlights and track your distance on an LCD screen. Pretty cool, right? The bad news is, it costs a steep $700 (converts to roughly AU$950, £570).

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Moxi offers a few extra design features to sweeten the deal, though. Most notably, the seat can reorient in three different ways. It can face forward or backward, and it can lie flat for young infants. This feature alone will cost a pretty penny with many high-end strollers -- so the price tag isn't quite as bad as it initially might seem.

My only two critiques of the stroller itself as I've seen thus far are its relatively simple app and its weak headlights. The app and LCD screen currently display distance traveled, but I'd like to see more creative information and analysis of walks.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The headlights look nice, but they certainly aren't strong enough to light a dark path. Most parents won't be out after dark with their children anyway, but it'd be nice to see the features have real use to them, other than as extra lines on a feature-list.

The Moxi stroller is available online now for $700.

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