Airdog Fitair puts an air purifier on your face at CES

The Airdog Fitair is a wearable air purifier.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

Strap the Airdog Fitair to your arm and you won't have to worry about pollution as you run. The wearable air purifier is on show at CES 2017, here in Las Vegas. A hose runs from the small engine and filter compartments on your arm to a mask on your face. As it works, you get a stream of fresh air blown directly at your nose.

Josh Miller/CNET

You can also detach the filter from the arm strap. The power and purifier compartments click together to form a tower -- and then you have a personal air filter you can set on your desk.

I got to try on the Fitair at CES, and the stream of air felt great when I was wearing the mask. The mask is a pretty typical hospital mask though, so my own breath occasionally fogged up my glasses.

Without the mask, the stream of air from the stacked unit felt weak. I doubt it would have much of an impact, even in a small office or bedroom.

Still, Fitair will be a reasonably priced splurge. Airdog says it'll cost $100 (roughly AU$140, £80) when it comes out later this year.

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