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Bose SoundTrue Around-ear II (Target, Bose)

In a pre-Black Friday sale, Target has the Bose SoundTrue Around-ear II for $89.95 right now (thru 11/22). This is Bose very comfortable over-ear wired headphone (no noise-cancelling). List price is $179.95.

If you miss the Target sale, Bose will soon have them for $99.95. They come in black or blue and iOS and Android versions.

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Sennheiser HD 598 Cs -- $100 (Amazon)

In a gold box deal on Black Friday, Amazon has the Sennheiser HD 598 Cs closed back headphone (list price of $250) on sale for $99.95 while supplies last. This new version of the HD 598 reportedly offers improved sound with tighter bass. The previous HD 598 cost around $150 online so this is a very good deal if this is the type of headphone you;re looking for.

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Bose SoundLink Wireless Around-Ear Headphones II (Target, Best)

The Bose SoundLink Wireless Around-Ear Headphones II are available for $50 off or $229.95 at Target and Best Buy right now in a pre Black Friday sale.

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Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones, $150 (Best Buy)

Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones are on sale now for $200 at Best Buy. On Black Friday you'll be able to get them for $150 at Best Buy. Beats' Solo3 Wireless costs $300 and features much better battery life.

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Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless, $90 (Best Buy, Target)

Beats' popular Powerbeats2 Wireless will be on sale for $89.99 at Best Buy and Target. If you can't wait, Best Buy currently has refurbished Powerbeats2 Wireless headphones on sale for $89.99. We recently reviewed the new Powerbeats3 Wireless, which costs $200.

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Bose QuietComfort 20, $200 (Bose, Best Buy)

Bose's excellent in-ear noise-cancelling headphone, the QuietComfort 20, is available now for limited time from Bose for $200 ($50 off). On Black Friday, Best Buy will have it for the same price. This is a wired headphone.

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Harman Kardon SOHOi -- $40 (Amazon)

On Amazon, the Harmon Kardon SOHOi is going for $40 in a blow-out sale right now. Not everybody is going to love its fit (it isn't so great for people with larger heads), but it's a decent on-ear headphone for the price (when I reviewed it in 2013 it cost $200). Available in black or white.

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Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless, $50 (Best Buy)

The Hesh 2 Wireless isn't a great wireless headphone for $100, but it's more attractive at Best Buy's $50 sale price on Black Friday.

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Starting on Black Friday and going through Cyber Monday has the AKG N60 NC for $100 off or $149.95 (originally $249.95). It's $200 on Amazon right now, so you're really getting $50 off, but it's still a good deal on one of the best sounding on-ear noise-canceling headphones. It's comfortable and delivers delivers 30 hours of battery life and can still be used in passive mode after the battery dies out.

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Samsung Level U, $30 ( will have the Samsung Level U Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for 50 percent off ($29.99) beginning at 3 a.m. on Nov. 24 through Nov. 26. These headphones are normally $59.99.

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Skullcandy Grind Wireless, $50 (BJ's Wholsesale)

Skullcandy's excellent budget on-ear Bluetooth headphone normally costs $90, but BJ's Wholesale has it on sale on Black Friday for $49.99.

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Klipsch R6i, $40 ( will have limited quantities of the Klipsch R6i in white on Black Friday for $39.99. It normally costs $79.99.

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Bose SoundSport, $40 (Best Buy)

As Bose phases products out, you typically see deals on them -- especially heading into the holiday season -- and Best Buy has the company's well-liked SoundSport in-ear headphone on sale for $40 (in charcoal color) now -- and on Black Friday.

There's a small catch, however. This model doesn't feature an inline remote with microphone for making calls. And for some people that will be a deal-breaker. That version, which works with iPhones and Android devices, costs $100.

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Jabra Halo Smart, $50 (Best Buy)

Jabra Halo Smart (normally $79.99) will be available for $49.99 from November 20-28 at Best Buy (read the CNET review). The wireless stereo earbuds magnetically hold together around your neck when not in use.

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Skullcandy Ink'd Wireless, $30 (Shopko) will have the SkullCandy Ink'd Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for $29.99. Deal goes live at midnight on November 23. This very good budget wireless headphone usually costs $50.

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Sennheiser Urbanite XL -- $150 (Amazon)

Sennheiser's Urbanite XL Wireless is very solid full-size Bluetooth model that's on sale right now in Amazon's Black Friday Store for $150 (the original list price was $300).

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Sony MDR-ZX770 -- $60 (Amazon)

The Sony MDR-ZX770 typically sells for around $100 but Amazon has it on sale for $60 right now. I haven't reviewed it, but I have tried it and while it isn't great, it's a decent Bluetooth headphone for $60.

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