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That iPhone X is going to require some sacrifices (The 3:59, Ep. 285)

CNET's Dan Ackerman joins to talk about buying the iPhone X and how Rwanda is embracing tech to revitalize it's health care and economy. Also, we talk about a new CNET podcast!


The iPhone X is going to cost you. 

We talk with special guest CNET editor Dan Ackerman about how he managed to convince himself that the ultra-pricey phone was indeed the right one for him. He employed the Kubler-Ross model (five stages of grief) to get his mind wrapped around the $1,150 iPhone X (because you know you're getting the 256 gigabyte version). 

Our colleague Maggie Reardon actually came up with a list of things you could give up to pay for the phone, including forgoing your daily Starbucks latte for 274 days or skipping out on HBO Now for six years. You know, practical stuff. 

We also teased the latest story in the Road Trip package, with CNET heading to Rwanda to see how the country is using tech like drones and solar panels to power their health care system. 

Lastly, we chat with Dan about a new podcast that he and Scott Stein started, CNET Book Club. An author himself, Dan says he plans to invite authors roughly once a month to discuss their projects. You can check out the first episode here

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What are you sacrificing for the iPhone X? (The 3:59, Ep. 285)

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