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Samsung Galaxy S2 ad takes the mick out of Apple fans

A new Samsung ad pokes fun at Apple fans queuing up for the latest iPhone. Watch the video here.

Samsung has a new ad that pokes fun at Apple, and in particular the enthusiastic Apple fans who queue up to buy new iGadgets on day one. We've embedded the video below, so scroll down to check it out for yourself.

The ad doesn't mention Apple by name, but sees a gaggle of trendy youths queueing around the corner at an Apple-esque shop with nine hours to go until opening time, when they spot people nearby using Samsung's Galaxy S2 smart phone.

The Apple enthusiasts then marvel at the S2, in particular its massive screen and 4G speed -- something we don't get to enjoy because the UK is stuck on rubbish 3G for now.

We wouldn't normally pin Samsung as a company with much of a sense of humour, but this effort, spotted by Mashable, did make us chuckle. We especially liked this put down: "I could never get a Samsung, I'm creative." "Dude, you're a barista."

The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is indeed a marvellous device will make this ad all the sweeter for Samsung and Android fans.

Crave is no stranger to Apple queues -- we've braved the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S overnight madness, as well as bringing you dead-of-night coverage of the iPad 2 launch.

It's entertaining to see Samsung taking a swipe at Apple like this, but the South Korean tech giant has a fight on its hands if it wants to take down the California-based company, as Apple's iPhone and iPad are phenomenally popular. Indeed, the biggest inaccuracy in Samsung's portrayal of the Apple fans is the relatively short length of the queue.

What do you think? Did the ad put a smile on your face? Tell us in the comments or over on Facebook.