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Red Hydrogen: These are the first official photos -- and when you'll get it

You've never seen a phone like this before. Unless you've seen this phone.


The Red Hydrogen.


The Red Hydrogen is not your typical phone. For starters, it has scalloped edges, like a serrated knife, at a time every other phone company is building ever-rounder rectangles. 

Oh, and it's a modular phone -- bolt-on upgrades! -- that comes standard with a special "holographic" screen that has to be seen to be believed

In other words, it became an object of gadget lust the moment it was announced. Which is why I'm happy to say Red has just released the first official photos of the phone. 


At least, Red founder Jim Jannard claims these are actual photos; they're so damn well-lit that they look positively extraterrestrial.

Here are some more:

Now, you might be wondering: After two delays, when will this phone actually ship? Here's the most recent breakdown from Red's Jim Jannard:

  • Aug. 31: Red will start handing out the "Houdini Developer's Model" to a small number of preorder customers, following an event at Red Studios Hollywood. Houdini be a special black aluminum model that isn't completely finished.
  • Oct. 9: Release date. Red will start shipping the black aluminum model to preorder customers, with the titanium model coming later.
  • Nov. 2: Cellular carriers AT&T, Verizon and Telcel will launch two colors of the aluminum model (black and "shadow") for $1,295 each at retail. Red says it's not clear the carriers will ever offer titanium.

We'll be following the Red Hydrogen closely, so stay tuned for more.

Also, if you want a peek inside this phone to see the guts, look no further than this recent FCC filing.

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