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Juan Garzón / CNET

Some Pixel 2 XLs arrive without Android

Which means buyers couldn't use them out of the box.

Imagine this scene. Your Pixel 2 XL order finally arrives on your doorstep and as you excitedly try to start up your new phone, you're greeted with an error message: "Can't find valid operating system. The device will not start."

Unfortunately, this was a reality for some unlucky people who received their new Pixels without the Android OS.

This error message pops up after powering up the phone.


Google told CNET that the problem has now been fixed, but not before a few people on Reddit reported receiving the defunct phones. Without an operating system, the devices are essentially useless. The only thing for these people to do is to get in touch with Google's customer support, and from there Google will ensure that they get a working phone.

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The missing Android OS issue may only affect a small number of Pixel owners, but it joins a growing list of other Google hardware woes. The Pixel 2 XL is already under fire for screen burn-in, while other Pixel 2s have been said to emit a high-pitched sound. Still other reports claim that buyers have received phones that have failed quality control and that the Google Home Mini initially recorded living room conversations.

As Apple's ambitious iPhone X flies off store shelves, it's a bad time for Google's rival Pixel 2 phones to stumble.

If you've run into any issues with your Pixel 2, contact Google customer support right away.