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Nokia's next Lumia will be on Vodafone, network confirms

Vodafone has confirmed the new Nokia Lumia will land in Britain, as the latest teaser video takes to the skies.

Nokia is taking to the skies with the latest teaser for the new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone flagship -- and if you want to pilot the latest Lumia too, Vodafone has confirmed it will land in Britain.

And another day, another new Nokia video, although the Finnish phone-flinger is still yet to confirm the name of this mysterious 'new Nokia'. We expect it to be the 928, but it may have a different name -- possibly the 925 -- in different regions.

Whatever it's called, we've already seen the PureView camera of the forthcoming Lumia pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 on a nocturnal roller coaster ride, followed by a busking-based battle of audio quality between the Nokia and S3. This time it's another camera test, showing off the shake reduction powers of the Lumia's snapper.

There's no challengers this time, but it is by far the most scenic video yet. The Lumia is mounted on a remote control helicopter and flown across the picturesque lakes, desolate shipwrecks and beautiful landscape of the Squamish valley in British Columbia, Canada. Hit play below to see more.

Nokia highlights the image stabilisation technology in the Lumia, which allows the camera gubbins to move slightly in compensation for the infinitesimal movements of the phone. That's useful because unless your phone or camera is on a hard surface, it's probably shaking slightly -- even when you hold it really, really still, your hand is still shaking very, very slightly. And even those teeny-tiny movements are enough to cause the picture to come out blurry.

If you're excited about the new Lumia, Vodafone is the first British network to confirm it will sell the new phone, whatever it turns out to be called.

The new Nokia will be unveiled right here in that London on Tuesday, and we'll be down the front as always, elbows flying, to bring you the first news, previews and videos, complete with a live blog of the announcement.

Can Nokia challenge the iPhone and Android? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or strap yourself to a remote controlled helicopter and fly on over to our Facebook page.