Nokia Lumia 928 camera takes on iPhone and S3 in video

Click here to see the Nokia Lumia 928 go head-to-head with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 in a roller coaster ride of excitement.

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The new Nokia Lumia 928 smart phone goes head-to-head with its bitterest rivals the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, and it's a roller coaster ride of excitement. Read on to see the video, full of high-speed twists and turns.

Although it's only referred to as 'the next Nokia' in Nokia's camera test video, it's a safe bet this is the Nokia Lumia 928, which was just officially confirmed by the picture above. Nokia is showing off its PureView camera technology, as first seen in the 41-megapixel Nokia 808 PureView.

In the brief 90-second clip, Nokia heads to Adventureland in Farmingdale, New York, for a night-time roller coaster ride to test the PureView camera on the new Lumia against the iPhone and S3's snappers.

Showing the results side-by-side, the Finnish phone-flingers claim the Lumia shows better colour saturation than the iPhone and less video noise than the S3, as well as a sharper image than both. Press play below to see for yourself.

Zooming along mounted to the front of the speeding Hurricane is certainly a test of a phone's performance in extreme situations, although we'd like to see how it shapes up in more realistic conditions. We'll get our chance when the Lumia 928 is unveiled next week at a Nokia event right here in London -- and CNET will of course be right at the front of the queue, trying to subtly stand on tiptoes for the 'You must be this tall to ride' sign. Expect twist, turns and probably at least one person vomiting as Nokia attempts to outdo its rivals once again.

Nokia's fortunes have been something of a roller coaster ride in recent years: one of those ones that hovers above a big black hole and holds you there for a bit… then plunges into it. Really slowly. Then breaks down. Then crashes and catches fire.

Still, I love the Lumia range so it'll be good to see what Nokia can come up with to challenge the iPhone and S3, the new S4, and bring a bit of competition to Android's dominance of the phone world.

Is Nokia the iPhone's Nemesis, or is it headed for Oblivion? Stick your thoughts in the comments or strap in and try not to be sick on our Facebook wall.