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Nokia's Lumia push to get 'much more aggressive'

The Finnish firm says partner Microsoft will also be pushing Windows Phone with more vigor, in ads that take the battle to Apple and Samsung.

CNET/ Andrew Hoyle

Nokia has vowed to get more aggressive when it comes to promoting its Lumia phones, promising advertising that will take direct aim at the company's biggest rivals.

"I think what you're going to be seeing," Nokia's global head of smart phone marketing, Vesa Jutila, told CNET, "not only from Nokia but also from our key partner Microsoft, is that we're going to be much more aggressively going head-to-head with competition."

The Finnish firm, which is struggling to make a dent in Apple and Samsung's hammerlock share of the mobile market, recently released an ad that directly targets the iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S3, aiming to show that its own Lumia 928 outpaces rivals in terms of low-light camera performance.

"You're going to see that kind of attitude a bit more in the marketing," Jutila said, also pointing to a recent Microsoft-made ad that pokes fun at the rivalry between Apple and Samsung fans and encourages shoppers to switch to Windows Phone.

"This is stuff that we want to do more and will be doing more," Jutila said, "That really promotes to people who are considering their next smartphone that there is a choice outside Apple or Android."

Nokia today revealed the Lumia 925, an update to last year's Lumia 920 that introduces a metal chassis and a smattering of camera upgrades. Read our hands-on preview of the 925, and let me know what you think Nokia needs to do to make Lumia more successful.

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