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No iPhone at WWDC: Back to the waiting game

No iPhone at WWDC: Back to the waiting game

So despite all the rumors of an iPhone, Apple did not unveil anything related to a cell phone at its Worldwide Developers Conference today. The new Mac Pro and updates to OS X were the highlights of the keynote, along with a series of jabs at the folks in Redmond, Washington. The audience oohed and aahed throughout, but we never heard the phrase "one more thing" from Steve Jobs. So we're back to the waiting game to see if Apple ever joins the cell world and what its entry product will be. And considering it's been almost a year since the ill-fated Motorola Rokr made its debut, we figure the Cupertino crew has to roll out something really big soon. Will it be a phone? Will it be cellular or solely VoIP? Will Apple start its own MVNO? Stay tuned.