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MP3s on the LG VX8100

MP3s on the LG VX8100

As we said in our July review of the LG VX8100, we were somewhat miffed that LG and Verizon Wireless bothered to include the nifty multimedia controls on the phone when there was no workable MP3 functionality. And we weren't the only ones who noticed. Customers who bought the phone were perturbed as well, judging by the number of confused e-mails I received. Fortunately, though, Verizon is now offering an upgrade that includes full MP3 capability at any of the carrier's stores. VX8100 owners will now be able to download their favorite CDs to standard memory cards, insert a card into the phone, and listen to music. While we like to think our complaints had something to do with the upgrade, it's more probable that Verizon is getting nervous about Cingular's new Motorola Rokr E1 iTunes phone.