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Motorola Droid Razr Maxx leaked

Mention of a new version of the Motorola Razr has sprung up on US operator Verizon's system, but what can we expect?

The Motorola Razr (called the Droid Razr in the US) hasn't been on sale long, but there's already a successor in the works. Named the Droid Razr Maxx, it's sprung up on US operator Verizon's database, Droid Life reports.

So what can we expect from a follow-up to the Razr? Well you can count on the slimness as a dead cert, and the Maxx moniker suggests it'll be beefed up somehow. A bigger, higher resolution screen? Updated software? Read on for our predictions.

The date listed as being added to Verizon's inventory is 15 December. It'll be 4G, which is good news for the US, but not much use for us Brits, seeing as we won't be getting 4G until 2015 according to Ofcom, which is a bit of a bugger.

4G aside, there's no word on specs, so we're going to have to gaze into our crystal ball here and speculate a little. For starters the Razr Maxx could do with shipping with Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android. (The Razr came packing a heavily customised version of Gingerbread, but Motorola did say it'll be getting ICS next year.) Not too much to ask, especially seeing as Google now owns Motorola.

A bigger screen is also a possibility -- although the original's 4.3-incher is pretty large, that could expand to 4.5-inches. The resolution could also be upped to 720p HD, a la Samsung's Galaxy Nexus. Ice Cream Sandwich's native resolution is also 720p HD, so that would square.

There's no word on a release date, or even if it'll make it to the UK. But considering the Razr scored four stars in our review, we'd lap up a follow-up. Make it so, Motorola.

What would you like to see from a successor to the Razr? Let us know below or on our Facebook page.