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Motorola Atrix due on Orange with a dazzling dock discount

The Motorola Atrix dual-core powerhouse smart phone attaches to a range of costly docking accessories, and Orange is offering a decent discount on these doo-dahs.

Orange is ready to dock with the Motorola Atrix. The dual-core powerhouse smart phone attaches to a range of pricey docking accessory doo-dahs, and Orange is delivering a decent dock discount.

The Atrix slots into two accessories: an HD Multimedia Dock, or a Lapdock. The multimedia dock turns the phone into a mini-telly type thing, propping the phone up like an alarm clock and connecting it to your computer or TV via USB or HDMI. The lapdock is an 11-inch laptop-style screen and keyboard with a slot that holds the Atrix.

Orange is offering a free Work and Play kit, containing the multimedia dock with a mouse, keyboard and remote control, to Orange customers who upgrade to the Atrix. New customers will get the kit for £50.

Orange hasn't said how much the Atrix itself will cost, but it will be free on a two-year contract costing £35 per month. Different tariffs will bag you a discount on the lapdock, which costs a gobsmacking £300 on its own. Yes, you could buy an actual laptop for that.

The Android-powered phone adopts different software when you dock it, and offers the Firefox Web browser. Confused? Watch our hands-on video and all will become clear.

Orange's Everything Everywhere stablemate T-Mobile has also confirmed the Atrix for a June release, alongside the HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Orange hasn't confirmed the exact date in May the Atrix will dock, but you can sign up at the Orange website to be emailed when there's more information. Are you looking forward to the Atrix's new tricks, or is it a docking bad idea?

Update 4 May: The Atrix is available now on Orange.