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Kingston Data Traveler GT 2TB gets its price, and it's steep

You can buy the tiny portable drive now for 28 percent off, though.


The full package.


Kingston announced the highest-capacity thumb drive to date at CES 2017, and as a portable storage hog I've been counting the days until the company announced pricing. It's available now via Kingston's site, and the list price is down as $2,273, more than $1,000 per terabyte. Ouch.

However, it's listed with a "promo" price of $1,625 (28 percent off!), which I think is probably the real price. Still expensive, but a lot closer to what I expected. I still can't afford it, though.

It makes sense that it would be a lot more expensive than other forms of storage in its capacity, since you're paying for speed and its small size, and it's likely a lot more durable than a spinning drive in its capacity. But even portable external SSD drives, like Samsung's T3 SSD, are closer to $800 for the same capacity.

I don't see prices for the UK or Australia yet, but the list price and promo price directly convert to about £1,820/£1,300 and AU$2,960/AU$2,120.