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iTunes back on Moto Rokr E2?

iTunes back on Moto Rokr E2?

You'll remember that during CES, we reported that the Motorola Rokr E2 (the update to the poorly received Rokr E1 "iTunes phone") would make a big change from its predecessor. Although the Rokr E2 will have a digital music player, Motorola said support for Apple's popular music service was dumped in favor of a generic Moto player. Yet, according to MobileTracker, iTunes is mentioned in the Rokr E2's preliminary user manual filed with the FCC. In regard to the handset's airplane mode, the manual says, "You can use the phone's iTunes music player and other noncalling features in airplane mode." Curiously, however, that's the only reference to iTunes in the entire manual. It's a strange development indeed, so stay tuned for more news. The Rokr E2 should be available by July, though no carrier is set at the moment.