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HTC Desire S video hands-on leaves us wanting a little more

The HTC Desire S is a great phone with some zinging features. But with a 1GHz single-core processor, we're left feeling that HTC could have done a little more to bring this fella up to date.

We couldn't help but be a little flustered at getting a hands-on video with the HTC Desire S here at Mobile World Congress. Its predecessor was one of the best phones of the year and earned an Editor's Choice award, so we had sky-high hopes for this new model.

Sadly, the HTC Desire S has slipped behind the game a little bit. That's not to say it's a bad phone -- it still has the great 3.7-inch 480x800-pixel screen we liked so much on the original Desire, it runs the sleek Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC's Sense user interface bolted on, and it has an alluring new aluminium unibody chassis.

But the Desire S is also running the same 1GHz processor the original Desire had. While this will make the phone run fine, it hardly makes it top of the range any more, when phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S 2 are packing dual-core processors. It feels as though the Desire S is bringing a knife to a gunfight.

We expect to see the Desire S in shops in mid-spring, and we hope its diminished status will be reflected in its price.

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