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Sneak peek at the new HTC Sense features of the Desire HD

Thanks to the work of an Android developer, we've had a sneak peek at how the new version of the HTC Sense custom user interface will work on the upcoming HTC Desire HD.

HTC Sense, the Taiwanese company's custom skin that improves the user experience on its Android phones, is one of the best manufacturer add-ons for Google's OS -- we particularly liked the way Sense worked with the original HTC Desire. Now thanks to the website Android Spin, you can take a quick look at the new version of the user interface we'll see on the HTC Desire HD.

A developer called 'Darkstone' managed to get a beta ROM of the new Desire HD working on the HD2. As we revealed at the launch, it will be an enhanced version of what current Desire owners are already familiar with. If you've got the knowledge, time and an HD2, you can flash the ROM found here.

The new HTC Sense account setup allows you to sync with HTC Sense.com, which as we previously reported enables you to connect the phone to a PC, managing settings from both. From here you can do things like back up your device and locate it if it's lost.

A new ebook reader application and ebook store take advantage of the Desire HD's big and bright 4.3-inch WVGA screen. There's also a Hub app, which allows you to download more skins for the device.

A new Likes app shows you recommended HTC applications you can scroll through. Usefully, it provides you with a notification bar where you can check the last app you used. Another new feature is Skins, which offers you five pre-designed themes that can modify the widget, status bar and launcher (as in the top left image above).

The HTC Desire Z should also get an updated interface, and we will have full and in-depth reviews of both as soon as they come out. Excited?

Image credit: Android Spin