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HTC Desire C confirmed, budget Beats and Ice Cream Sandwich

The HTC Desire C leaked yesterday is now official, and it'll put Ice Cream Sandwich in your pocket for £170.

Remember the HTC Desire C leaked yesterday? It's just been made official, and it'll put Ice Cream Sandwich in your pocket for £170.

The 3.5-inch Desire C runs the latest Android 4.0 software, known as Ice Cream Sandwich -- which is kind of a big deal, especially at this price.

It also packs Beats Audio, boosting the quality of sound from your music, movies and games, and coming with a pair of signature Beats headphones.

Inside the Desire C's metal frame there's a 5-megapixel camera. Your photos, and movies and music, can be stored online in cloud storage service Dropbox, as you get 25GB of free online space when you buy the phone.

For more on Ice Cream Sandwich, check out our ten reasons why Ice Cream Sandwich beats Gingerbread.

Despite being an affordable phone, there's a version with NFC available too, looking forward to when NFC will let you pay for stuff by waving your phone at a special till in shops, bars and restaurants. Paying for things isn't the only use of NFC though -- here's how to use NFC tags with your Android mobile phone.

The Desire C is available around the world in red, white and black, but we'll only get the white and black versions.

T-Mobile was quickest off the mark to give us the £170 price, and is offering the phone for free on a two-year contract at £15.50 per month. It'll also hit the shelves at Vodafone, Orange, Virgin Media, Three, O2, Phones4U, The Carphone Warehouse, and Tesco Mobile.

Do you like the look of the Desire C? Does it have the chops to run Ice Cream Sandwich? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.