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HTC Desire C hints at cheap Ice Cream Sandwich this month

Leaked photos reveal the HTC Desire C packs the latest version of Android and could arrive in Europe this month.

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Richard Trenholm
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Ice Cream Sandwich on the cheap could be just around the corner with the HTC Desire C. Leaked photos reveal the budget phone, previously known as the HTC Golf, packs the latest version of Android and could arrive in Europe this month.

The Desire C poked its head above the parapet in Portugal, when Vodafone accidentally included it in the online listings for May -- then speedily whipped it away before anyone noticed. That was the plan, anyway -- as it turns out, GSM Arena was just too quick off the mark with the screengrab button.

This leak is confirmation of the Desire C's final name -- it was previously codenamed the Golf -- and it looks like the Desire C isn't too far away from landing in shops.

The folks at Vodafone told me that "We don't comment on speculation about our smartphone range, especially when it relates to devices which haven't been confirmed by manufacturers themselves. As soon as we can say anything about any new devices, we'll let you know."

And as as soon as they do, I'll be sure to tell you, esteemed reader.

The Desire C is a 3.5-inch phone with a screen resolution of 320x480 pixels and a 600MHz processor inside. It sports a 5-megapixel camera with 4GB internal storage for your movies, music, apps and snaps.

The features may not be much to write home about -- it's no HTC One X, that's for sure -- but it will at least be easy on your wallet. Word on the street is that the Desire C will cost around £160. And no doubt Vodafone and other networks will offer it for free with a range of contracts.

It seems to be taking ages for Ice Cream Sandwich phones to filter into the world, especially for such a decent price. But owners of older phones such as the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE

should be able to update to Ice Cream Sandwich now.

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