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Google Pixel 2 comes to life in this concept video

A fan-made video gives us a 3D perspective on those rumored Pixel 2 renders.

Did you love the look of last year's Google Pixel? You're not alone. While the sequel phone is still under wraps, digital designer Concept Creator has given us an interpretation of what the Google Pixel 2 may look like.

If you can't wait for Google's next big Android phone, take a look at this concept video from Concept Creator (above, but also here.)

We know for certain that Google plans to continue its Pixel flagship line thanks to hardware SVP Rick Osterloh, who confirmed that the Pixel 2 is coming later this year. But the best clues we have about its design come from Android Police, complete with the alleged renders that inspired this 3D video. While nothing about the renders or the video are official, they do paint a pretty picture of the Pixel 2 (assuming that's what it'll be called) in multiple color options and with minimal bezels.

Rumor has it that the Pixel 2 could feature a squeezable frame function, where you can squeeze the sides of your phone to launch applications like Google Assistant. So far the HTC U11 is the only phone with this feature.

No word yet on when the Pixel 2 will release, but since the original Pixel made its debut in October 2016 you might want to look out for the phone in the fall.

Google declined to comment on this story.

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