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Next Google Pixel XL could have bigger, bezel-less 6-inch screen

If this image of the next Pixel XL is true, the phone will have even thinner bezels, too.

Josh Miller/CNET

As we approach the fall season, there are only a handful of upcoming phones that we're excited about. Among them is the sequel to Google's pair of flagships, the Pixel and its larger counterpart, Pixel XL.

Though both phones are expected to be officially announced in October, the rumor mill has churned out its share of predictions in the meantime. The latest comes from Android Police, which posted an image of the next Pixel XL with a larger display and thinner bezels.

Android Police is pretty confident about the reliability of this image, but cannot confirm if this is indeed the phone's final look. And with most rumors, we caution readers to take these photos with a grain of salt.

If these photos pan out, though, the phone looks to be more rectangular with sharper corners compared with last year's model. The display is bigger, too, at 6 inches, so there's more screen real estate and thinner bezels. The glass shade on the back, which has become a signature look for the Pixel, is narrower as well. Android Police also reports that the XL may have a squeezable frame that adds extra functionality to the phone, similar to the HTC U11. However, there doesn't seem much to substantiate this prediction.

Google didn't immediately reply for a request to comment.