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Google AR Expeditions just arrived on iOS and Android

Selfie-stick AR has been touring schools, but now anyone can try.


AR Expeditions has been used with selfie sticks, but it works fine without them, too.


I remember using a selfie stick to try out Google's educational vision of AR, and it was impressive. My son tried it in his school one day, and felt the same way.

Google's AR Expeditions initiatives were originally designed to be used in classrooms, and still are, but before now schools had to be part of a pilot program to try out the tech. Now it's just a free download, part of an updated Expeditions app on iOS and Android, Google announced Wednesday.

The Expeditions app has 800 VR experiences and 100 AR ones. The AR Expeditions can be used with just a phone, provided the phone is compatible with Apple's ARKit or Google's ARCore. It's worth a try if you have kids (or even if you don't).