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Goodbye Nokia phones, hello Microsoft Mobile

Microsoft completed its purchase of Nokia’s handset division. As we get nostalgic over our first Nokia phone, we look ahead to Amazon’s smartphone plans and Samsung’s next "bling" thing.

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In this episode, take a journey down cellphone memory lane as we bid farewell to Nokia. Microsoft closed the deal to buy the handset division of Nokia, and the team runs under the new name of Microsoft Mobile. Nokia boss Stephen Elop, now under Microsoft, will be answering your questions on the future of Microsoft phones at the Nokia Conversations blog on Monday.

The future is bright for smartphones - and I'm not just talking about the shiny crystal Galaxy S5. Amazon could spice up the competition soon with a smartphone, and it could entice customers with something called Prime Data.

And the next time you go browsing on the Pinterest app for a new phone case, you'll be able to use Guided Search keywords. It's a faster way to hunt through the site's 30 billion pins.

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CNET Update: Goodbye Nokia phones, hello Microsoft Mobile