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Nokia boss Elop to answer your questions on Monday

As Nokia's phone business is officially absorbed by Microsoft, Nokia boss Stephen Elop is taking to the Internet for an "ask me anything" session.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop speaks with CNET October 2012
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talking to CNET about Windows Phone Josh Miller/CNET

What would you ask Stephen Elop? You can put your questions and comments to the Nokia boss with an online chat next week in the wake of Microsoft's absorption of Nokia's handset division.

Elop takes to the Nokia Conversations blog to answer your questions on Monday, 28 April 28, at 1pm GMT (2pm BST, 9am EDT, 6am PDT). The "Ask Me Anything" session will then be posted online in case you missed out on the live excitement.

Now I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I for one would like a straight answer about what's happening to the Nokia brand under the new regime. Nokia employees may also want to know more about a plant closure in South Korea and tax problems in India. Oh, and I'd be very surprised if no-one mentions Elop's $25m bonus, blasted by the Finnish government as " outrageous".

Former Microsoft employee Elop today penned an open letter describing his elation as Nokia joins -- or in his case, rejoins -- the "Microsoft family."

Nokia, based in Espoo, Finland, will continue as a network company while Elop takes the phone-making branch of the business to become a part of Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington.

"From today onwards, the possibilities are endless," gushes the Redmond returnee, giddy as a schoolgirl. "As now, we're one!"

Microsoft makes the Windows Phone software that powers the Nokia Lumia line of smartphones, but in his letter Elop also reaffirms support for other types of devices that don't involve Windows: "We are committed to continuing our support for feature phones, the Asha family, and the Nokia X family of devices."

The question-and-answer session comes after Nokia and Microsoft officially closed the deal to bring the Finnish company's handset division under the Microsoft umbrella, but a couple of days before Nokia reveals its latest financial results. Those numbers will be made public on Wednesday.