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Dialed In 87: New phones for everyone!

It's a bumper crop of phones this week with new models for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

On this week's Dialed In, a tan and relaxed Bonnie joins us back in the studio to discuss a gallery of new phones for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. We also gab about Apple ending the Palm and iTunes party, upcoming Android updates and the dangers of texting while walking. And, of course, we report on our latest reviews and take your questions.

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Rumor of the week (sort of)
Google sees separate paths for Android, Chrome OS

Samsung Highlight debuts for T-Mobile
AT&T announces Sony Ericsson W518a Walkman
Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot C905a makes it to AT&T
Sprint announces LG LX290
New phones appear on the FCC
Mobile companies chasing Apple's App Store
Don't text while walking? Girl learns the hard way
Apple cops to OS 3.0 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth problems
Nokia releases rugged 3720 Classic
Apple breaks up Palm Pre, iTunes lovefest
AT&T gets social with Nokia Surge
Sprint and Verizon to bring more Wi-Fi enabled smartphones

HTC Ozone
Samsung Highlight
RIM BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 (Verizon Wireless)
Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot C905a
Wise & Blue WB120 Bluetooth headset
Nokia BH-804 Bluetooth headset
LG HBM-900 Bluetooth headset

Upcoming reviews
Prizefight: iPhone 3GS vs. Palm Pre
RIM BlackBerry Tour (Sprint)
Pharos Traveler 137
LG LX290