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CNET UK podcast 488: Android Nougat, suing Apple for billions and angering Adele

Android has a sweet new name, a Florida man has his eyes set on Apple and Andy questions what's inside a Mars bar.


Google asked, you delivered. Nougat is the new name for the latest version of Android, as chosen by the public. This naturally prompts Andy to question whether that stuff inside Milky Ways and Mars bars is actually nougat. Katie meanwhile thinks that 2016 is ready for a healthier serving of Android Nectarine.

Also up for discussion on the UK's greatest tech podcast is the Florida man who's hoping to sue Apple for $10 billion, and why music sensation Adele might appreciate Apple's latest patent.

Finally, the ever-joyous pair chat about whether Google is really cooking up its own smartphone, and what we can expect from it if it does.

CNET UK podcast 488

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