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Florida man 'confident' in $10BN lawsuit against Apple for copying 'essence' of iPhone

Businessman Thomas Ross has no patent filings and is representing himself, but feels he "has a shot" in the case.


Thomas Ross, a businessman from Miramar, Florida, believes that Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod stole the "essence" of his Electronic Reading Device, which he conceived in 1992. He's suing the tech giant for $10 billion in damages, and feels confident about his chances.

Ross's concept, which never went further than the design stage, would allow a user to read news articles and view images and videos on a flat touchscreen surface, the Guardian reports.

Ross's lawyer ordered in 2015 that Apple CEO Tim Cook immediately stop selling the devices, a request that was, perhaps unsurprisingly, not heeded.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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