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Apple's iPhone 5C ad stresses the plastic, not the specs

To the tune of Sleigh Bells' Ring Ring, Apple aims its new iPhone 5C at people who don't care about processors and fingerprint scanners.

To the tune of Sleigh Bells' Ring Ring (and you have to wonder if the New York duo had phone ads in mind when they composed this catchy song), Apple reveals its new iPhone 5C to the world.

Not the keynote-following, tech-literate world, but the rest of the world -- the ones who'll buy this hyper-coloured mobile.

The ad is aimed with laser focus at people who don't care about the iPhone 5S' new A7 or M7 processors, or its time-saving (and slightly creepy) fingerprint sensor. They don't care that the 5C is essentially the iPhone 5 with a paint job -- because it's the design that matters to most people, particularly if they're willing to shell out £469 on last year's phone.

Speaking of which, pre-orders are open on Apple's website and the 5C hits store shelves alongside its more advanced sibling on Friday, 20 September. You have a choice of white, red, yellow, blue and lime green.

If you want to spend even more money, a 32GB version is £549 -- £469 only buys you 16GB of storage. And if money really is no object, you can fritter away £25 on an official case, or £79 on the Apple Care+ insurance scheme, which replaces up to two broken phones over two years.

If you want a more informative view of the kaleidoscopic new blower, let Scott Stein be your guide in our hands-on video. Make your colourful comments below, or on our colourblind Facebook page.

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