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Apple Watch 3 vs Apple Watch Series 2: What's new?

Compare the specs between the new Apple Watch 3 and the Apple Watch 2.

In addition to the new iPhones, Apple's third generation of its smartwatch and fitness band, the Watch 3, was unveiled today. With this new iteration, the wearable runs WatchOS 4 and can make cellular calls all by itself, freeing you from having the watch tethered to your phone. 

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Compared to last year's Watch Series 2, the device can also stream music directly to a set of AirPod ear buds. For a more detailed breakdown of what both these wearables do, read our comparison chart below.

Apple Watch 3 and Watch Series 2 specs

Apple Watch 3 Apple Watch Series 2
Display 38mm: 1.3-inch OLED; 42mm: 1.65-inch OLED   38mm: 1.3-inch OLED; 42mm: 1.65-inch OLED
Resolution 38mm: 340x272 (290ppi); 42mm: 390x312 (302 ppi)   38mm: 340x272 (290ppi); 42mm: 390x312 (302 ppi)
Dimensions 38mm: 38.6x33.3x11.65mm; 42mm: 42.5x36.4x11.65mm  38mm: 38.6x33.3x11.4mm; 42mm: 42.5x36.4x11.4mm
Protection Ion-X glass; Sapphire crystal on Steel and Ceramic models   Ion-X glass; Sapphire crystal on Steel and Ceramic models
Strap size Proprietary; interchangeable   Proprietary; interchangeable
Build Aluminum; stainless-steel, ceramic options   Aluminum; stainless-steel, ceramic options
Processor Apple S3 Apple S2
Memory 512MB 512MB
Storage 16GB cellular, 8GB GPS only 8GB (2GB for music)
Battery "Up to 18 hours" 38mm: 273 mAh; 42mm: 334mAh
Operating system WatchOS 4 WatchOS
Scroll wheel Yes Yes
Microphone Yes Yes
Loudspeaker Yes Yes
Vibration Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
NFC Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
LTE Yes No
Heart-rate sensor Yes Yes
Ambient light sensor Yes Yes
Water-resistant 5 ATM; 50 meters 5 ATM; 50 meters
Price $399 with cellular and GPS, $329 GPS only 38mm starts at $370, £370, AU$529; 42mm starts at $400, £399, AU$579

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