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iPhone 8 dummy mock-up brings rumors to life

There's nothing official about this prototype or video, but Apple fans will eat it up anyway.

A real prototype of the iPhone 8 has yet to appear in the wild, but we may have just got the next best thing. A short video of a non-functional "iPhone 8 dummy unit" appeared online courtesy of mobile leaker and renderer Benjamin Geskin.

The iPhone 8 rumor machine has been running at a high gear, so much so that Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks it's affecting current iPhone sales. Even though it doesn't work and isn't Apple's final iPhone (we don't even know where this mockup came from), the unofficial prototype gives us an idea of what the iPhone 8 could look like in real life, and not just in a rendering.

The device in the video includes several of the features we've been hearing about. We can see the edge-to-edge OLED screen, vertical dual-cameras and a virtual fingerprint sensor. On the YouTube video, Geskin says that the model is based off of rumored iPhone 8 schematics and not a previous phone. Unfortunately its non-working model status means we don't get to see the screen turn on, so we'll have to use our imagination.

Geskin has been quite outspoken about the iPhone 8 lately, posting several renders and leaks of what he thinks the next iPhone will entail. According to a tweet posted earlier today, he echoes rumors that the iPhone will get features like wireless charging, 3D face-scanning, and AR functionality.

There's no way of confirming or denying these claims until the iPhone is announced later this year. Still, his mock-ups give us something to look at while we wait and wait and wait.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.