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Apple hid an iPhone X bug on YouTube, and people noticed

An iOS 11 bug that was there one day is gone another.

Apple has apparently patched an error in a new ad for the iPhone X that appeared on YouTube

In the original video, published March 16 (the same day the rival Galaxy S9 went on sale), a student strides, runs and rolls around her high school unlocking various objects with a glance. At the end of her Face ID jamboree, she receives a text -- and that's where Apple's problems begin.

In the original video, the text message extends below the text bubble, according to The Verge. The version you see on YouTube today fixes the issue, with the text bubble encasing the entire conversation.

It isn't clear if the ad used an actual iPhone X to receive the text, or if this was a post-processing editing issue of some sort. We've reached out to Apple for comment about the situation and will update this story when we hear back.

What is clear is that the video text bubbles are now behaving as they should. 

Have you encountered a problem with texting using iOS 11? If so, let us know (and include a screenshot) in the comments below.