Android Atlas Weekly 79: The beginning of the end for locked bootloaders (Podcast)

We say goodbye to HTC's locked bootloaders and hello to Mr. Android and his cadre of Japanese schoolgirls on this week's episode.


We say goodbye to HTC's locked bootloaders and hello to Mr. Android and his cadre of Japanese schoolgirls on this week's episode.

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-Verizon ready to discontinue Droid 3, 4G hot spots, and more

-Asus Transformer Prime ICS upgrade, bugfixes announced

-HTC makes locked bootloaders a thing of the past

-Google Moves To Ensure UI Integrity On All Android 4.0 Devices

-Clockwork Mod tether: USB tethering, no root required

-Meet Mr. Android

-Android gets manga treatment


-Atom chip on Android smartphones expected at CES

-Asus could unveil 7-inch tablet at CES next week

-Velocity Micro to unveil pair of affordable ICS tablets at CES


-Cut the Rope


-Android Powered Android

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Hi Guys, Antuan's prediction of a droid running Android was correct. Nasa has been testing a Nexus S powered floating sphere robot on the International Space Station. See this link

-Nasa tests floating robot servant Space Station powered Android phone

All the best,

Dave Mc


Hey guys love the podcast. I listen at work while programming on Fridays helps the day go by and keeps me informed on the latest tech news.

I have a question and forgive me if it sounds like a dumb one... But I've been hearing a lot of the tech blogs talk say that We should buy our phones separate from our renewals or rather than being on a contract?

Haven't looked at my bill yet but how would I be saving money? Don't you normally get a lower rate being on a contract? Isn't that why the phone is so cheap because they make it back up from the contract?

I am on Sprint would you recommend I spend the example $500 on the Samsung phone and can I call when my renewal is up and have my bill lowered somehow since I'm not on contract and I didn't buy the phone from them? Please fill me in.

I would appreciate it if you guys could go over this briefly on your next show and briefly break it down for us who would truly like to know and be better shoppers.

Thanks again, keep up the good work.

PS Not to knock on your competitor The Verge but they talk a bit too much, thank you all for staying on topic, most of the time... and keeping the show short roughly an hour. They are intelligent but an hour and a half or more of simply rambling on and not staying on topic is a bit crazy and sad... anyways... J

Look forward to your reply thanks guys, Laters...

Quian ""Key""


Voicemail from Jerry from Toronto


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