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Sweet Android High--smartphone wars get the manga treatment

Leave it to the Japanese to turn all your favorite handset makers into melodramatic schoolgirls.

The smartphone wars come to life and it's high school all over again in "Sweet Android High."

Google's Android operating system comes to life in a new manga comic that turns leading handset makers into--no joke--Japanese schoolgirls.

Resting firmly in the Japanese-dominated pop culture territory that lies somewhere in between totally awesome and totally creepy Sweet Android High-school chronicles the soap-operatic goings on among a group of students who just happen to be anthropomorphic representations of huge corporations.

The gang includes "international students" Moto-Laura-chan, Sam-Sung-chan, H-T-Syee-chan, Elle-G-chan and Soni-Eri-chan. See what they did there? That last one is a particularly clever play on Sony Ericcson. There are also characters representing some of the Japanese makers, including Sharp, Fujitsu, and Casio.

The latest scandal at Sweet Android High, of course, is that a teacher named Google has married Moto-Laura-chan. While it's tough to translate the panels, there doesn't seem to be any sign that a headmaster named Trade-Commission-chan opposes the marriage, but Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus clearly make appearances. Funny--I never envisioned that the first Android 4.0 phone would be so buxom.

See if you can make any sense of the below panels for yourself:

Clearly the Galaxy Nexus has been endowed with really impressive, uh... specs.
Something tells me we won't be seeing this panel as a Google doodle anytime soon.
Now I know why this comic is coming out now - no Japanese school girls would ever get excited about a piece of Honeycomb.

(Via The Next Web)