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iOS 12: Where to find Control Center on the iPad

Apple is trying to make your iPad a really big iPhone X.

Control Center, home to shortcuts for things like Wi-Fi toggles and adjusting display brightness has a new home on the iPad ($328 at Walmart).

Starting with iOS 12, instead of opening the multitasking view via a gesture or double-pressing the home button, iPad users will need to swipe down from the top-right corner. Specifically, a swipe down over the battery icon will launch Control Center. We briefly touched on the new location in a roundup of iOS 12's hidden features

Jason Cipriani/CNET

If that sounds familiar, it should — it's now in the same location as iPhone X ($809 at Walmart). After updating to iOS 12, you will see the Control Center icon randomly appear just below the battery icon, along with the familiar iOS handle to indicate a gesture can be used in that spot

Keep in mind that iOS 12 is still in beta and Apple could change how users access Control Center in a future update. We will continue to update this post as updates are released and changes are needed.