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Should You Buy an At-Home Food Sensitivity Test Kit on Prime Day 2?

Amazon is having another Prime Day, and food sensitivity tests might be in the mix.

Taylor Leamey
Taylor Leamey
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For the first time, Amazon is holding a second Prime Day event in one year, exclusively for Prime members on Oct. 11-12. The Prime Early Access Sale kicks off the holiday shopping with thousands of deals across categories like home, electronics and wellness. You can find deals on various wellness products -- like at-home food sensitivity testing kits

The good news is that this second Prime day -- known officially as the Prime Early Access Sale -- will likely bring an opportunity to get a good deal on various testing kits. Here's what to know. 

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Should you buy a food sensitivity test on the second Prime day?

Some of the most popular options -- like 5Strands and Ucari -- have increased in price over the last few years. The drops in price typically aren't lower than past average prices. But that doesn't mean you can't get a good deal. We researched pricing over the last few years and found the threshold of what we consider a "good deal" for the top brands on Amazon. 

Everlywell food sensitivity testing kit

Everlywell is one of the biggest brands for at-home testing. As a result, the pricing has shot up and dropped several times over the last two years. The average price for an Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test over the last year has been around $130. The lowest point in 2021 was $80.98. Anything under the average of $130 is a good deal. Hopefully, we'll see a price closer to the lowest point. 

5Strands food intolerance testing kit

In 2021, the baseline price of the 5Strands Food Intolerance Test increased to $88, though it hasn't gone past that point in the last year. The lowest price was back in 2020 at $48.96. However, this was before the price increase in January of 2021. While you may not be able to get a 5Strands food intolerance test for that low, drops in the past year suggest that anything under $75 is a good deal. 

UCARI food intolerance testing kit

Unlike other options, there hasn't been much price change with the Ucari Intolerance & Food Sensitivity Kit. Last year, the highest price was $80 while the lowest was $60. Anything off the top price is a good deal. 

Remember, you shouldn't expect huge discounts on these products like you see for TVs or laptops. They just don't cost as much. That said, any money saved is what we would consider a good deal. 

Which food sensitivity kit is the best?

Food sensitivity kits cannot definitively diagnose sensitivities or food allergies. However, they can help you pinpoint food sensitivity symptoms, including digestive flare-ups, headaches or skin troubles with certain foods. They're a good tool to help you understand why your body responds to certain foods.

Like everything else, food sensitivity tests vary in price -- some of the most thorough options can cost upwards of $200. The price difference typically comes down to the number of foods they test and the time it takes to receive your results. Some brands give your results in a few days, others can take up to four to six weeks. 

Which option is best depends on how many things you want to test for and how quickly you want it back. We like to check for options with extra certifications that back quality and effectiveness and clear privacy policies that tell you exactly what will happen with your results. 

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