Where to buy the Impossible Burger at grocery stores

You can now take home the "raw" Impossible Burger and cook it yourself.

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Over the last several months, the Impossible Burger became available at more and more restaurants. Now, it's available at grocery stores, too.

Umami Burger

Once only available at restaurants and fast-food chains, the Impossible Burger is now available to buy at grocery stores across the US. Back in September 2019, Impossible Burger hit store shelves at Gelson's, a southern California grocery chain. Now it's expanded to Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Wegmans and other supermarkets. The availability is still limited to certain regions, as the company works to meet the demand for its meatless burgers.

Impossible Burger has had a lot happen in the last year. In early 2019, the company rolled out version 2.0 of its meatless meat, which was followed by an unprecedented shortage of Impossible Burgers. National restaurant chains, including Applebees, Red Robin and The Cheesecake Factory put Impossible Burgers on its menu, as did all Burger King locations in the US. In early 2020, the company also debuted Impossible Pork, the meatless version of pork sausage.

Now, you can buy packs of "raw" Impossible Burger to take home and make your own Impossible Burger, lasagna, bolognese sauce, meatloaf or any other dish that calls for ground meat.

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Where can I buy the Impossible Burger at grocery stores? 

The Impossible Burger is now available at major grocery chains in select places in the US.

  • Safeway: At stores in northern California and select locations in northern Nevada 
  • Albertsons: At southern California locations only
  • Pavilions: At southern California locations only
  • Vons: At southern California locations only
  • Gelson's: At stores in southern California
  • Jewel-Osco: At stores in the Chicago area, eastern Iowa and northwest Indiana
  • Wegmans: At stores in Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia
  • Fairway Market: At stores in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Impossible Burgers are at a store near you (but only if you live in select parts of the US).

Impossible Foods

If you want to get your hands on an Impossible Burger, use Impossible Foods' store locator to find locations near you that stock it. 

Is the Impossible Burger sold frozen or fresh? 

Impossible Burgers will ship frozen, but they'll be sold refrigerated in the same areas you'd find beef burgers and other meat products. 

How do you cook the Impossible Burger?

According to Impossible Foods CFO David Lee, you can cook the Impossible Burger however your home chef heart desires. 


The Impossible Burger 2.0 sizzling on a grill. 

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"We cook it exactly as we would our favorite meat dishes," Lee said, referring to how his family uses the Impossible Burger at home. "We've made burgers, used it in Korean dishes. I've even seen it on pizzas and in pasta."

Part of the company's goal is to make plant-based meat as versatile as animal protein, so Lee emphasizes that there's no one "best" way to cook the Impossible Burger.

That said, you should follow safe cooking guidelines and heat the Impossible Burger to the same temperature you would cook ground beef: 160 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the USDA guidelines.

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