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Beyond Meat

The best way to cook the Beyond Meat burger

Grill or sauté these plant-based patties for the best results.

Despite cattle farmers' outcry against faux meat, Beyond Meat burgers are soaring in popularity. Made mostly of pea protein isolate, Beyond Burgers have challenged the definition of "veggie burger."

If you walked by a shelf of Beyond Burgers at your local supermarket, you probably couldn't tell at first glance that they aren't beef: Their pink hue and meaty texture makes them look eerily similar to real beef. And when cooked right, Beyond Burgers offer a much more realistic meat alternative than patties made of ground soy, beans or lentils.

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The Beyond Burger remains pink on the inside even when it's cooked to the recommended 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Amanda Capritto

What's the best way to prepare a Beyond Burger?

The best way to cook a beef burger is on a grill, so it makes sense that the best way to cook this beef-like plant burger is also on a grill (as is for other meat alternatives). If you don't have a grill or grilling isn't your favorite cooking method, Beyond Burgers cook just fine in a stovetop skillet, too.

To grill Beyond Burgers:

  • Clean and preheat your grill (gas or charcoal)
  • Grill your Beyond Burgers for three minutes on each side, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit

To pan-cook Beyond Burgers:

  • Heat a skillet over medium high heat
  • Grease the skillet with a light coat of olive oil or butter
  • Cook Beyond Burgers for 3 minutes on each side or until browned on the outside

You could even bake a Beyond Burger in the oven as long as it reaches the recommended 165 degrees internally, but no promises that the texture will come out right.

Crumbling a Beyond Burger into a baked recipe, such as a casserole, would work, but I'd still recommend browning the meat before adding it to the baking dish.


When cooking the Beyond Burgers, I noticed they left quite a bit of residue in my skillet. Not a big deal, but I might prefer to grill them next time to reduce clean-up. 

Amanda Capritto

Can you cook Beyond Burgers from frozen?

Beyond Meat recommends thawing Beyond Burgers before cooking them for the best taste and texture, and to make sure they're heated all the way through. However, you can cook them from frozen if you're in a pinch.

If you cook Beyond Burgers from frozen, extend the cooking time by about two minutes on each side. I tested this out at home in a skillet and my Beyond Burgers took just over 10 minutes (versus the six for thawed patties) to cook through properly. Your experience may differ slightly depending on how hot your skillet or grill is.


When I cooked my Beyond Burgers from frozen, the edges got crispier than I imagine they would have if I cooked them thawed. 

Amanda Capritto

Beyond Burger recipes

Nacho burger, BBQ ranch burger, mushroom bacon burger… Beyond Meat has you covered with plenty of recipe ideas for your Beyond Burger cooking adventures.

Don't stop at creative burger ideas, though: Beyond Meat insists you can use the Beyond Burger for much more. Think burger-stuffed acorn squash, burger lasagna, a beefy grilled cheese and burger tostadas.

Where to buy the Beyond Burger

Chances are, you can find it at your local supermarket. Whole Foods, Target, Smart & Final, Ralph's, Vons, Sprouts and Albertson's all stock Beyond Meat products (find a location near you). At grocery stores, Beyond Meat is stocked in the meat aisle.

You can also order the Beyond Burger on Amazon

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