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Apple to Expand Health Initiatives With AI Health Coach, Report Says

Users would be motivated to exercise, eat well and improve their sleep based on individualized plans from the service, according to a report.

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Jessica Rendall
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Apple is expanding its health and wellness efforts with a motivational coaching service that'll use artificial intelligence to improve your exercise, diet and sleep, according to a report.

The service, called Quartz for now, uses AI and data collected from the company's Apple Watch to curate specific wellness plans for users, according to a Tuesday report by Bloomberg, which cited people with knowledge of Apple's plans. This means Apple AI could be suggesting nutrition, fitness or sleep hacks for you -- which on paper isn't too far a jump from the powerful health data that wearables have been providing for years. 

Quartz is reportedly planned for next year but could still be postponed or canceled. It's also reported to carry a monthly fee. 

An AI health coach would still be a big step for Apple, which has been increasing its presence in the health realm with tools for ovulation estimates, sleep tracking and other health features on the Apple Watch. According to the same Bloomberg report, Apple is also introducing a health app for the iPad in the near future as part of iPadOS 17, potentially easing health-information sharing between patient and doctor, which has been one focus of Apple's wellness arm. 

Tools for vision and emotion tracking will also be added to the health app this year, Bloomberg said. The emotion tracker may see users noting their mood each day, answering daily questions and comparing over time. This will be different than the journaling app Apple is also reportedly working on.

What's more, Apple has also reportedly made advances in its noninvasive glucose monitor, in the works for years, that takes blood sugar measurements using sensors rather than finger pricks. These types of glucose sensors have made a splash in the wellness world, with companies such as Abbott leveraging them. 

Bloomberg reports that the vision and emotion tools, along with the iPad health app update, will be announced this June at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. 

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