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Get an iPhone SE and one month of service for $137.61

Walmart's deal puts you on T-Mobile's network and includes a 3GB unlimited plan. Plus: Score a dashboard phone-mount for under $8!


Apple may have discontinued the iPhone SE, but you can still find the beloved-by-many model out in the wild. In fact, head to your local Walmart for one of the better deals to date.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Walmart has the iPhone SE (32GB) with one month of Family Mobile service for $139 shipped. Opt for in-store pickup and the price drops to $137.61. The service plan alone is worth $30, so you're effectively getting the SE for under $110.

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That's for the space-gray model, by the way -- the same deal is also available for the gold, rose gold and silver SKUs.

There's not much I need to tell you about the iPhone SE, other than it's roughly equivalent to an iPhone 6S, but with a 4-inch display. Some folks really, really like that smaller design.

As for the bundled prepaid plan, it's good for unlimited calls, text messages and data -- with 3GB of high-speed data on T-Mobile's network and unlimited 2G speeds after that. (Each additional month on that same plan will run you $29.88, a pretty competitive price. But there are cheaper and pricier plans available as well, depending on how much high-speed data you actually need.)

Here's what I don't know: Is the iPhone locked to Family Mobile? If so, can it be unlocked? If not, could you still switch to, say, T-Mobile proper or one of the other phone providers that use T-Mobile's network (like Metro)?

If you do end up shopping in-store for the phone, you should be able to get an answer from someone there. But even if the SE is locked up tight, this is a great deal on the phone with some competitive service-plan options.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: All drivers need some kind of phone mount, something that'll put the screen up near eye level. There are lots of different options, including ones that favor landscape mode over portrait.


Forget the mount, I want this magical see-through phone!


Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Leelbox dashboard car-mount with four cable clips is just $7.88 with promo code O88NI7BK. It normally sells for $13.98.

This spring-loaded mount adheres to your dash and holds your phone in a landscape orientation. Not everybody will prefer that, but it's a good option if you have a shallow windshield. Plus, I really like the inclusion of the stick-on cord clips, because I hate the cord clutter that comes with most dashboard-mount solutions.

Not saying this is right for everyone, but for under $8, you can see if it's right for you.

Bonus deal No. 2: Need a new logo? Design your own and download it for free using my Cheapskate-exclusive code! (Civilians have to pay $40.)

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