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Best Samsung Prime Day deals: Save $100 on Galaxy S21 Plus, $150 on Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung has discounts across all of its product families during Prime Day. Here are the picks that are most worth your attention so far.

Samsung's list of Prime Day deals will evolve over the next few days as its retail partners and even Samsung itself bring new offerings into view. If you're a Samsung loyalist, of even if you just appreciate a good deal when you see one, you'll definitely want to keep checking this page and all of CNET's Prime Day coverage to see the latest discounts.

For now, the best bets from Samsung come from Galaxy S21 phone family, the Galaxy Watch 3, the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Galaxy Tab S7 product line. 

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We're keeping this list up to date so check back often.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The middle child in Samsung's flagship phone family, the main feature differences between the Galaxy S21 Plus and the regular Galaxy S21 are a larger screen (6.7-inch vs 6.2-inch) and larger battery  (4,800 mAh vs 4,000 mAh) on the S21 Plus. The larger model is just over one ounce heavier, and with slightly less pixel density in its display. Normally you'll pay $200 more for the S21 Plus than the regular model. This deal narrows the price gap to a more affordable $100 upcharge.

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Juan Garzon / CNET

Samsung's second-pass at a foldable smartphone won over CNET reviewer Patrick Holland when he wrote about it last summer. "Most of all, the Galaxy Z Flip is fun and that's something I don't say about many phones." This isn't a huge discount, but if you've been wanting to try out the novelty of a folding screen yourself, here's a good way to get your hands on one. 

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Angela Lang/CNET

The beauty of annual phone updates is that the still-capable models from the previous generation, often get big discounts once the latest and greatest kicks them out of the spotlight. This offer from Amazon is for a refurbished model, so you need to bring some faith in the restoration process, but for $230, this is a compelling deal on a solid smartphone. 

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Juan Garzon / CNET

The Galaxy Watch 3 stepped up its healthy living features when it came out in August. It now has advanced sleep tracking, a blood oxygen level reader and improved fitness tools. Samsung and its retail partners are discounting watches across the entire Galaxy family this Prime Day season, but of all the deals we saw, this one offer the largest discount for the most features. 

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David Carnoy/CNET

$120 for a set of well-received wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling is a pretty good deal, especially considering Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro debuted at the beginning of this year for $200. CNET reviewer David Carnoy described them as "mostly impressive" but he had a few complaints about the fit in his ears. A set of inserts might help you customize the fit in your own ears.

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Juan Garzon / CNET

Android tablets are still alive at Samsung. The Galaxy Tab S7 is the latest tablet that comes with an 11-inch screen, an S Pen and Dex option to turn the tablet into a laptop. Spend a little more on the Tab S7 Plus to upgrade to the bigger 12.4-inch screen. The Tab S7's $80 discount drops the tablet from $650 to $570 while the Tab S7 Plus comes down to $770 from its $850 regular price. 

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