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Pixel 7A Deals: $50 Off at Amazon, Freebies and More

Google's new budget Android phone is now available -- and you can already save on one.

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Adam Oram
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See at Amazon
$50 off or free $50 Amazon gift card
See at Best Buy
Best Buy
Free $50 Best Buy gift card
See at Google Store
Google Store
Free Pixel Buds A and case
See at AT&T
$2 per month
See at Verizon
Free with select 5G unlimited plans
See at T-Mobile
Free with new line or trade-in
See at Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile
$100 off + six months of free data
See at Visible
Save on unlimited data

Google's Pixel 7A is now available and we're gathering up the best Pixel 7A deals to make it easy, and even more affordable, to get your hands on one. Unveiled at Google I/O, the 2023 A-series Pixel phone takes a lot of cues from the flagship Pixel 7 -- both in terms of looks and features -- and crams them into a slightly smaller and more affordable package. 

Despite being the entry-level device in Google's range, the Pixel 7A is still plenty powerful, with the same Google Tensor G2 chip as the step-up Pixel 7, a new 64-megapixel main camera and 90Hz screen for smooth scrolling. It also adds nice-to-haves like wireless charging and face unlock, features eschewed by previous A-series handsets. Google also says it bumped up the Pixel 7A's brightness compared to last year's model and you can expect all-day battery life with mixed usage (or longer using the extreme battery saving mode). 

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Google's Pixel 7A phone
James Martin/CNET

The 6.1-inch Pixel 7A is a touch smaller than the 6.3-inch Pixel 7, which will be a boon for small phone fans or those who like to use their devices one-handed. Though technically a step down hardware-wise, the camera performance is comparable to the Pixel 7 for casual photographers, though the flagship Pixel 7 Pro offers some fancier features for the mobile photography enthusiasts. 

Whether you're wanting to be among the first to get your hands on Google's new budget handset, or if it's simply time to upgrade from an older device, we'll help you work out the best place to buy your Pixel 7A. We're rounding up the best Pixel 7 deals below and we'll keep this page updated as new offers emerge. 

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How much does the Pixel 7A cost? 

Like last year's Pixel 6A, there's only one configuration of Pixel 7A. It comes with 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM and costs $499 in the US. 

Notably, that's a $50 increase compared to last year's phone. With Google keeping the Pixel 6A around at $349, the previous-gen device still makes for an attractive option for those on a strict budget. 

What colors does the Pixel 7A come in? 

Google's Pixel 7A phone
James Martin/CNET

Google has switched up the hues a little for this year's A-branded phone, with four colors to choose from: black, white, light blue and a Google Store-exclusive coral. We've put together a handy guide to help you choose the right Pixel 7A color

Best Pixel 7A deals

Amazon is offering its first direct discount on the Pixel 7A right now with a $50 on-page coupon on the charcoal version. Alternatively, you can go for the blue or white model and nab a -- that's as good as getting cash back if you shop there regularly. 

Best Buy is also dishing out a $50 gift card with Pixel 7A orders for a limited time, plus you can save a further $50 when you activate the device with a carrier at the time of purchase.

Go directly to the source for your Pixel 7A order and you'll also snag a free set of Pixel Buds A earbuds and a limited-edition phone case. 

New and existing customers can snag the Pixel 7A for just $2 per month at AT&T with no trade-in required. The deal requires eligible unlimited service and you'll see the discount applied as monthly bill credits over 36 months. 

Get your Pixel 7A at Verizon and you can score the device for free with a new line on 5G Start, 5G Do More, 5G Play More, 5G Get More or One Unlimited for iPhone. You'll see the credit applied over 36 monthly bills.

T-Mobile is offering $500 off the Pixel 7A via monthly bill credits with either a new line on a qualifying plan or when you trade in an eligible device. You'll get the $500 back over 24 months. 

For a limited time, you can get the Pixel 7A at Mint Mobile and score six months of free data when you bundle the phone with any six-month plan. The Pixel 7A is also going for $399 there, a $100 direct discount. For example, you can get both the phone and 12 months of the 5GB per month plan or less than the cost of the phone itself or save as much as $180 on the unlimited plan.

Visible now has the Pixel 7A available to order, though there's no deal to speak of there. The device will cost $20.79 per month which, over 24 months, is equal to the $499 retail price. You can currently save on an unlimited data plan at Visible, though.

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