Back-to-School Tech Guide 2016

Before your student takes on the classroom, why not equip them with some awesome tech to help them?

Best back-to-school gadgets under $50

Yes, you can spend less than $50 and still get some great gadgets for students. Here are CNET's favorites, which include everything from video streamers to wireless speakers to -- yes -- even a tablet.

Best tech under $100

A C-note is all the budget you need to buy an awesome tech gift. Here are some of our favorites.

Great gifts for under $250

If you're looking to spend a little more, you can't go wrong with one of the products on this list.

Cheap, high-tech and practical cars

Need reliable transportation for college this fall? These 10 cars offer solid, high-tech features and reliability, while still coming in at a reasonably low price.

Best streaming video gadgets and TVs

The first thing you think of when someone says "back to school" probably isn't "time to buy a new streaming stick!" But we went ahead and made a list anyway, just in case.

Computers and hardware for every student

These laptops, desktops and tablets are great for school work, and a bit of fun on the side.

Headed back to school? Take one of these smartphones with you

Make the end of summer less of a downer with a phone that's great for students.

Take these tablets with you to class

Whether you need a tablet that packs power, productivity potential or the party, these are the ones to take back to school.

Dorm essentials for the coming school year

Equip your room with this tech and be the envy of your hall-mates.

The best games and gear for back to school

School is right around the corner, and these are finest games and gear we can recommend to keep that student in your life working hard and playing even harder.

Top headphone picks for students

Picking the right pair of headphones might seem like a tough task, but you'll find some ideas in this roundup of CNET's top picks. From over-ear cans to Bluetooth earbuds and even planar magnetic headphones, there's something in here for everyone.

Smart-home gifts to turn your dull dorm into a cozy retreat

Give your dorm room the smart-home treatment with these fun, connected products.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers to tackle the semester

You can start the school year off with something new on your wrist.

Camera gifts to capture the entire year

Capture better photographs and video from the first day through graduation with one of these shooters.

Speakers and home audio for back-to-school

Give your student the gift of high fidelity audio with these audio devices.

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