Back-to-School Tech Guide 2017

Before your student takes on the classroom, why not equip them with some awesome tech to help them?

Best tech for under $50

Need new tech for the dorm? For just $50, there's plenty to choose from.

Upgrade your tech for less than $100

Here's the coolest tech you can get for under $100.

Back-to-school dorm essentials

The gadgets you need to trick out your dorm room.

Best headphones for back to school

There's a wide selection of top wireless -- and a few wired -- headphones to choose from.

Hottest smart dorm tech this year

Check out everything that'll make dorm life better.

The best back-to-school laptops, desktops and tablets

This collection of notebooks, hybrids and all-in-one PCs will bring some computing class to any classroom.

Best wireless speakers for the dorm

Today's students don't need a fancy high-end stereo to make them happy. A good wireless speaker is all they need for their nomadic lifestyle.

Stay in touch with these phones

Relieve the back-to-school blues by putting a top-notch phone in your pocket.

Best TVs and streaming gear for your room

Nothing says "time to go back to school" like a new way to watch Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Here are our favorite devices for doing just that.

Cameras to take back to school

Start them out right with a step up in photo and video quality.

$10,000 used cars to get you to class

These $10,000 used cars will get you to school on time, make you look smart and won't break the bank.

Gear for the back-to-school gamer

Make sure the gamers in your life have everything they need as they venture back to school.

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